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Uncle Mez Talks Lord Of The Mics, 2 days Notice & How He Prepared For The Clash

Please introduce yourself.

Uncle Mez, Nottingham Crew and I’m an Emcee?

As an artist, what does LOTM mean to you?

I think it's good going on LOTM, obviously I like clashing but LOTM is something I hadn’t done yet. It's exiting to be on such a big platform.

How did you prepare yourself for the clash?

We didn’t really have much time, just 2 days warning so I just did my thing really. Just do what you normally do. Stick to your gameplay if it's already working why change it?

Do you believe that LOTM has helped to shape the Grime scene into what it is today?

Yeah, because it's given clashing that professional platform, often if you clash in the street people don’t watch it because its too rags, but LOTM puts it forward in a way that everyone can enjoy it, even families and stuff.

From the previous DVD’s what has been your favourite moment so far?

My favourite moment has got to be when Grim Sickers span around in a circle and sniffed an item. yeah! 

If you could see any two emcees clash on LOTM, who would it be?

I would like too see D Double and President T in a clash! It would be a mad ting! Bear points, bear killer bars!

Meek Mill or Drake?

Meek Mill.

Bugzy or Chip?

Why does everyone always ask me this stupid question, I hate this question, I can’t answer it. I dunno man. To me they are both just going H.A.M, its hard to pick between them coz they are both hard aswell! It's too much to go into man!

How does appearing on LOTM7 benefit your career?

I think it benefits me because it's another platform for people to see me, I show all respect to LOTM, it's a massive stepping stone in your career. It's one of the biggest platforms and for my career it has been a massive step forward!

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Apart from LOTM, its probably either going on tour with Kano or my EP landing in the UK charts, even though it was only the UK Rap Charts, it's not a big thing but to me I was like "Rah, at least I can do something with this ting, certain man can’t even get free downloads to be successful!" So it makes me feel like I can do my little ting.

What have you got coming up?

I’ve got my single with Cable coming out on the 2nd of October, 'One Line Flows' and I’ve got my single with Kidda Beats 'Sike' off my EP -'28' and all of them will be found on iTunes.

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